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Making Fine Writing Instruments by hand in California Since 1991
We are doing shows in Arizona , Tempe and Tucson, so we will not mail any pens until December 16.  We have been making wood pens for 24 years.  We make a pen that is extremely durable, writes smooth, and feels good to hold. If you want to buy a pen that doesn’t look like everybody else’s pen, well, here you are.

When we turn a pen out of 12 to 14 layers of dyed and laminated Baltic Birch, it is so strong you can run over it with your SUV and the pen will still be intact and working.  Try that with a plastic Mont blanc or your cheapo disposable pen. Now, check out the Chrome finish on the metal parts. In twenty years, it won’t show any wear.  It is heavy chrome plate, like the bumpers on cars in the fifties and sixties.

When we shape the wood on the lathe we want you to have a balanced pen that is comfortable to hold all day long. Incidentally, check out the interesting shapes, like oil lamps, vases, diamonds and ovals, that appear in some of our pens in the wood from the way we turn it.

Our pens use popular smooth writing refills like Cross, Space Pen, Parker Gel, and Mont blanc rollerball. No need to reinvent the wheel here.  Those companies put lots of research in their ink cartridges. If only their pens weren’t so boring. You will find refills at Office Depot, Staples, and even Amazon, if you don’t want to get out of your chair.

For those of you that leave your pens laying around to get lost, or you that want to give a personalized gift, we can engrave a name or initials on the metal clip. Free. So your pen clip will say Linda, Michael, B.F.K., whatever you want.  Your name should be on your pen, not some corporation name like Parker, Cross, Fisher, Mont blanc, etc.

We will pay your shipping anywhere in the USA! Shipping to other countries is $19.95. We ship by USPS Priority mail and you should get your pen in two to three days. All pens arrive with a gold-foil gift box, notebook, and warranty card, along with refill instructions. Parker Gel pens come with an extra refill.  The warranty covers the functionality of the pen for 5 years, although we are not adverse to repairing your pen that you bought from us many many years ago, if we can find the parts.

YOUR SATISFACTION IS 100 PERCENT GUARANTEED!  If you are not happy with your pen return it for any reason within 14 days for a full refund or exchange.

Many thanks, for the info (about the web site)!!! The pen I purchased was a gift. My sister-in-law loved it... you saved my life...she's hard to buy gifts for...again thanks."  Susan O.

I saw you on Christmas eve and "drooled" over your pens, but wasn't able to afford one. My stepson gave me one for Christmas (I can’t find the paper that says what kind of burlwood) and had it engraved. I just love the feel, the way it writes (medium tip) and the look. I'm thrilled that fate put us both in your path. Thank you so much. Hope you have a profitable year.
Catherine C

Thank you! The pen arrived, perfect.  Special thanks for the “leftie” version. You are now a happy  SF Memory-twice. Best wishes,  MaryLynne C.

Pens that combine function, durability, and beauty.
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