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Making Fine Writing Instruments by hand in California Since 1991

We have been making pens in wood, stone, resin, and sterling silver and selling them in the bay area since 1992. We have also sold pens at over 400 shows in 30 states. You might have seen us selling our pens at craft shows and art festivals at Lincoln Center in New York, Coconut Grove, Chicago, Madison, Park City, New Orleans Jazz Fest, Tucson, Tempe, Fountain Hills, Pittsburgh, Sun Valley, Madison, Louisville, Atlanta, Seattle, Virginia Beach, Columbus, Boca Raton, Berkeley, Salem, Jackson Hole, Fargo, Mystic, Cincinnanti, Denver, Albuquerque, San Diego, Santa Monica, Mendocino, Tacoma, San Jose, Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, Tulsa, Reno, Las Vegas, ... 52,000 happy customers.


We live and work near Sebastopol, California, about 50 miles north of San Francisco. For the past 22 years we have made wood pens in our custom-built workshop in Sonoma County.  


Our pens have found their way into the hands of executives, writers, architects, engineers, poets, lawyers, accountants, doctors, artists, nurses, teachers, and anyone looking for a special gift for that certain someone “who has everything.”  


We are inspired by the desire of pen users everywhere for a unique writing instrument that is extremely durable, beautiful to look at, and feels good in the hand.



About Us