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Pen Repair

I get dozens of emails about repairing pens that I have not made. I make wood and stone pens. I don’t repair your old Parker Duofold or Waterman, etc.  I recommend Fountain Pen Hospital in New York City, www.fountainpenhospital.com

If your wood pen that I made is not working, email me at abeautifulpen@gmail.com and I will try to figure out the problem by email. I can determine if you can fix it yourself or if you have to mail it to me. There is never a charge for pen repair.

Mailing:  If you have to mail your pen, put it in a padded envelope and put 99 cents postage on it (three stamps). It is a good idea to use delivery confirmation. If you send the pen in a small Priority mail box, delivery confirmation is included.

I will provide a mailing address after discussing the pen situation by email.

Some common repairs are listed below:

Cross Pen Broken Clip.
If you have broken your pocket clip, you have to mail the pen to me for replacement. If the clip is loose, then tap the top on something solid like a wood table, and the clip will tighten.

Parker Pen threads stripped.
This usually happens if you turn the pen top too far to the right. Turn the top left (unscrew counter-clockwise) to open the pen. If the mechanism is stripped, you will have to mail it to me for repair.

Parker point not retracting.
You can take out the spring and stretch it about 1/2".

Rollerball doesn't extend.
You have probably lost the little spring that fits into the upper end of the bottom of the pen. I can mail you a spring.

Parker Pen point not coming out far enough.
You can fold up a piece of paper about 3/8" square and put it above the cartridge, inside the top. The point will come out further.